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star rating  Excellent service with kita - We booked kita private taxi for 17 days tour. We start from Delhi sightseeing And varanasi Agra after Rajesthan. We visited in Rajesthan jaipur Pushkar, udaipur, jodhpur blue city,... read more

January 27, 2020

star rating  Unforgettable Agra and Rajasthan Trip

Rajasthan was amazing tour ! We Road for 2 week's.they had an additional camera man taking photos of our group throughout the... read more

avatar thumb Tyrellan
February 8, 2023

star rating  Rajasthan tour , Agra and Varanasi Amazing experience with kita - Rajasthan tour , Agra and Varanasi

Amazing experience with our driver we went on three weeks tour Rajasthan, agra and varanasi our drive kumar was... read more

September 11, 2022


Tours And Travels In India

important role in society. It is a land where festivals are observed with zeal and enthusiasm. People of India come from diverse backgrounds following different traditions, dresses, and customs. There are many religions observed by people. It is a country where a huge number of languages are spoken and it is a multi-religion and multi-cultural land. The diversity of people, their different backgrounds, and multiple religions impart a uniqueness to the nation that makes it different from other countries of the world. The classical dance and art of the country are famous all over the world. The music, culture, and architecture of India are notable. This diversity and rich culture offer an opportunity for tourists to travel to different places in India and explore hidden gems. There are many places in India that you can visit with your family and kids. The locations are family-friendly and affordable. If you are planning to visit India or explore it more, you can check out the tour packages offered by travel companies in India.

Kita Private Taxi is a leading tour operator in India that offers safe and comfortable travel in India and Delhi. We are among the topmost taxi service providers that offer you the full value for your money on your travel. We help you in making your holidays more enjoyable and memorable. Our company has an experience of many years of providing high-quality travel and tour service to tourists and local people. We offer holiday packages in India with the option of personalizing your travel experience by choosing customized packages that are tailored to your needs. You can request personalized travel according to your choice and preference. We offer taxi services for traveling alone or traveling with family or friends in a group. We have satisfied customers who are our brand ambassadors. We have a policy of following strong ethics and giving preference to customers first. Kita Private Taxi has premium and exclusive tour packages that help our customers enjoy the holidays and be happy.

Tour Operators In India

Kita Private Taxi is the best tour and travels agency in Delhi with a long experience in the travel industry. We have inexpensive, low-budget, and popular tour packages that are liked by our customers. If you plan to visit the beautiful Leh and Ladakh regions of J & K, you can book a tour with us. Travel with friends and family to the valley and enjoy the natural scenery of the area. We offer diverse holiday packages in India to Leh, Ladakh, and Rajasthan. Booking a tour package in the land of deserts and royal kings in Rajasthan will help you in experiencing the culture and history of the area. You can book a custom travel to the state of Rajasthan. We also offer custom tours to South India. Book a tour of Kerala and enjoy the backwaters with friends and family.

We offer you the best of facilities at an affordable price that makes us unique and different from other tour operators. Check out our tour packages to different parts of India and book a trip with us. You can visit our office or talk to us personally on the phone. Learn about the different tour packages in our itinerary. Kita Private Taxi is available to help customers who need guidance or help in choosing a tour package or customizing their travel. Our taxi service is recommended and endorsed by our customers and we hold a reputable place in the tourism industry. We have built a brand that is popular among the public and tourists both globally and domestically. We have years of hard work honesty and integrity that have made us a big name in the tour and travel sector.

How To Book Your Holiday In India

Kita Private Taxi is a reputed tour and travel agent in India that offers custom holiday packages for local people and foreign tourists who want to visit India and explore the various regions. We follow a policy of honesty and quality in our travel and this is the reason our customers express satisfaction with our services. Customers can trust us as we are accredited and among the topmost travel agencies. Our drivers, staff, and customer service executives serve tourists with a smile and welcome them wholeheartedly. We have a friendly and professional staff who is dedicated to your welfare and well-being. Our travel packages are planned and designed meticulously with a special emphasis on customization and the comfort of travelers. We are the top travel agent in India and we respect our customers and clients. Tourists feel happy, safe, and stress-free when they book a taxi with us because they know that they are in the safe hands of a premium travel and tour company. We offer travel (Travel Agent In India )packages for people who want to visit a tourist destination alone. We also offer travel for women who want to travel in a group. The all-women packages are popular among ladies, young girls, and elderly women. You can book a taxi and have a vacation away from the tensions of work and the daily responsibilities of home. We help you plan the itinerary of the travel that you book. It includes step-by-step planning of your holiday starting from reserving a room for your family in a hotel to the transport you will need, and the flight tickets. This work is done by our experts who do everything for you leaving you free from the enormous task of planning the travel and making the bookings. Tourists can seek help and assistance from our travel counselor for planning their trip.

If you want to book a taxi with us, you can contact us and provide details of the people who want to travel. You also need to provide information about the duration for which you need the taxi and the place where you want to book the journey. You can choose a tour package that suits you and fulfills your need. We offer the facility of customizing the tour the way you want. You can choose a package that is comfortable for you. Our team will be happy to assist you and serve you. Choose a tour package that is within your budget.

Why Tourist Should Book A Travel Package With Kita Private Taxi

There are many reasons for booking a tour with Kita Private Taxi in comparison to other tour and travel companies. We offer affordable and flexible tour and travel packages at a reasonable price. Our staff offers you services with goodwill. We are an accredited travel company that offers you value for your money. Following are some reasons why you should book travel with us.

We are an honest and satisfactory service that makes our customers book travel with us again and again. We are a reputed Travel Agent In india company that offers the best tours. We have earned the reputation of a leading travel service provider which has made customers choose us over other travel companies in India. We have a long experience in the travel industry with awards and prizes that some of the top hotel chains have given us.

We offer different types of tours and travel packages that are suitable for people of all backgrounds. Our packages are customized to the needs of travelers. If you need a premium tour, you can book a luxury tour with us. Newly married couples can book honeymoon tours with us. We also offer standard tours and honeymoon tours to international destinations. If you want to travel to a local place in India, you can book a tour with us. We offer weekend holidays in Delhi. People who want to visit a religious site can book a pilgrimage tour package. Some people like nature and wildlife and we offer wildlife tours for them. You can travel to natural parks and nature reserves by booking a tour with us. School students, college students, and teachers can book an education tour with us. If you love to take photographs, you can book a photography tour with us. We have tours for all types of travel needs.

We make travels enjoyable and memorable for our customers. Our tour packages are personalized and designed after considering your needs, liking, and preference. Our professionals and executives choose hotels and locations after deep research and consideration. We make your travel and stay comfortable and safe for you. Booking a tour or travel with Kita Private Taxi is simple and hassle-free. You can travel and explore the gems of India without any hesitation leaving the enormous task of booking and arranging the travel to us.

Newlywed couples can book travel to Indian destinations like Goa or international locations like Bali for their honeymoon. Pattaya is the best place for a trip if you like the thrill of adventure sports. You can also enjoy a spa in this place. Visit the website of Kita Private Taxi and book a tour today. Enjoy a dream holiday with beautiful memories of a lifetime to return with back home.

We are an affordable travel company that has a policy of reasonable rates. Take advantage of the discounts that we offer. We help you have an enjoyable holiday that satisfies your needs. Leave the stress of planning the vehicle, hotel stays, and other essentials on us. Our company provides you best transport like cars and mini coaches for reaching the destination. We also have luxury coaches for premium travelers. Our tour and travel packages are updated from time to time to introduce new and latest features and facilities for travel. This helps you enjoy the benefit of a special tour and travel customized the way you like.

We have tie-ups and agreements with top hotel chains in India and other countries that help our customers in getting modern facilities for accommodation, dining, and travel. Our tour packages are low priced so you don’t have to worry about having a limited budget when you choose our travel company. We do bookings within a short time as soon as we receive a request or call from you. We have trained, qualified, and experienced staff who work hard to plan the travel and do the needed research on planning a dream tour for travelers. They help you in choosing the best package for your family. You can take advice and guidance from our travel counselor for any help you need during your journey. The counselors are available to offer you instant help and solutions if there is a situation of emergency or some problem that needs urgent help.

Top Indian Destinations

Kita is a reputed and top travel agent that cares for tourists. We are famous and known for offering a safe and comfortable holiday experience.

Holiday Packages

India is famous for its religious destinations which include the ancient temples and architectural monuments of the olden times. North India is surrounded by the white snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas while South India has an amazing blue sea outside its boundary. These locations are beautiful and are the main attractions for local and international tourists. We offer Kashmir Tour packages for people who want to enjoy traveling in the snow-clad peaks of Kashmir. If you want to get peace in life and indulge in spirituality, you can book a Chardham tour with us. People who want to visit the Andaman Islands with family or friends can consider booking an Andaman tour.

Kita Private Taxi Travel Agency

Kita is a reputed and top travel agent that cares for tourists. We are famous and known for offering a safe and comfortable holiday experience.

India offers an unparalleled and unique diversity of people of different cultures and religions. People of this country speak many languages and follow different customs and traditions. Yet, the citizens of this great nation are unified and tied to one another with a common value and goal of values, brotherhood, and harmony.

It is a land of colors, festivals, food, and royalty. Indian has mixed cultures and customs. People follow diverse religions with faith in God and traditions. Traveling in India would give you a chance to explore this diversity, see the local places, and learn about ancient history, art, and architecture. There is no reason to resist or hesitate to plan a travel to this wonderful land.

We are trusted and friendly travel agent in India that make your journey unforgettable. Kita Private Taxi is dedicated to your welfare and we have your interests in mind when we plan a tour package. People who have booked a tour with us earlier have reported satisfaction with our services and have enjoyed their vacation.

Travel Agent In india

India followed a feudal society in the olden times and its traces are still visible in the present times. However, the transition to democracy brought a huge change in people’s thinking and lifestyle. Today, India is known as the biggest democracy in the world. There is a combined effect of old culture and modern thinking in Indians today. This imparts a unique charm to this great land. People from foreign countries may feel nonplussed at witnessing the culture of India which is a combination of ancient culture and modern-age technological and cultural advancements. India is a mystery that is waiting to be explored. It is part of a puzzle that can be solved only when you travel to its regions and learn the local culture and customs. If you visit India once, you will want to travel more and interact with its people more. Kita is a top tour operator in India and works with the hope that you have an amazing travel experience with us. Contact us for any questions or concerns you have in mind. We will be happy to answer you and help you in whatever way we can.

Indians have a high regard for religion and all their activities revolve around religious customs. You can see people doing prayers in temples and homes. Religious banners can be seen on roads and buildings. People celebrate festivals with pomp, show, and noise. They like to celebrate festivals like Holi with color and Diwali with lights and the sound of firecrackers. There is a lot of commotion and excitement during festivals and Indians like it this way.

The people of India are friendly and warm to tourists. The culture has a mixed tinge of old-time feudalism and modern-age democracy. Whatever custom and culture an Indian follows, they are always respectful and affectionate towards guests who visit their home and country. Their attitude shows that they care for you and are concerned for your welfare. They have equal respect and caring attitude toward their loved ones and religious deities. India has a deep-rooted caste system that cannot be fully eliminated. Social mobility in this country is gradual. India is known for its spiritualism and respect for God. Have you seen any other place or country where people walk barefoot to a temple to pray to God to fulfill their wishes or reduce their sorrows?

The life of an Indian is immersed in religion rather than it being a superficial belief. Here, people don’t just pray for a single day or some specific days. They worship God each day of the week. Religion is a force and factor that inspires people and makes them move ahead in their life. It is a moving force that determines the behavior of people in society and the family. The ringing of bells and the fragrance of incense in homes and temples is a sign that someone is doing worship or pooja. Since India is a multicultural and multi-religion country, you will find an interest in religion in other communities also like Muslims and Sikhs. You can hear the prayers of Muslims in the Masjid who worship 5 times daily. Hinduism is multi-deity religion so you will find people worshipping different Gods and Goddesses while other religions of the world have a single deity. Mark Twain observed India is a millionaire in terms of religious deities and Gods and other countries had a limited number of Gods so they are paupers. There are not hundreds but thousands of deities and religious figures in the Hindu religion. You will find a temple or religious site everywhere you travel in India. The Taj Mahal in Agra is a Wonder of the World and has Koranic verses inscribed on it. The architecture of Khajuraho attracts travelers from India and abroad. The Ajanta Caves are famous for their Buddha murals. Goa is famous not only for its beaches but also for its ancient and famous churches. People of the Jain religion also live in India and their temples are also found here. Jain Tirthankaras have a huge following among the Jain community and are famous for their religious teachings. You can also see the historic synagogues if you travel around India.

Indian civilization is very old, the remains of which were found in 3200 BC. The country has been invaded by foreigners multiple times but it failed to destroy the indigenous culture and heritage. It is believed that the main reason for India’s strength and resilient power is its capability to adapt. The urban region of India has tombs and monuments of the Moghul rulers made in a Persian style of architecture. The hill stations located in the mountains of the Himalayas still have British-era bungalows standing tall and strong. There are a huge number of states in India with each one having its language, food habits, music, dress, dance, and customs. The country has diverse forms of art, culture, and handicrafts. Developed countries like the US have a homogeneity of customs and traditions but the culture of India has a wide diversity.

People from Western countries may not understand Indian culture fully. Also, you can have a problem in India if you work according to the work culture and ethics of Western nations. You can best enjoy tourism in India if you are slow and don’t expect too much from a short duration of travel. Enjoy a holiday in India with a lazy and laid-back attitude. Indians follow a policy of adjusting to whatever situations come up in their life so you need to keep that in mind. You must believe in the thought that things happen due to the will of God and not your own will. Don’t get upset or angry if you have a failure of the network of your mobile or flight cancellations at the last minute. Don’t get angry if the fax fails to function. If you have had an opportunity to get some work done in a government organization, don’t feel frustrated by the slow response of officials and employees in offices, banks, and post offices. At first impression, you might feel that people don’t give importance to prompt work and time in this country. However, you will realize that your thought is wrong when you visit a rural area where slow life is followed and appreciated by people. Also, you might regret the long hours and hard work you do in your own office which is the reason you feel tensed and stressed. People in India like to be slow and in a dreamlike state. Life in India is slow and simple. Try spending some time watching rural women taking out water for their homes from wells. You can also watch the farmers in villages using a plow in their fields to till the soil. Exploring the deserted forts of ancient Kings in Fatehpur Sikri is quite enjoyable. You can experience the religious customs and rituals of Hindus if you plan a trip to Varanasi and attend a purification ceremony in the temples or ghats and the cremation rituals performed by priests. Once you travel to India, you will understand the importance of spirituality and the reason for the origin of meditation in this great land of sages and rishis. Foreign tourists must visit India with a will to explore the varied culture and diversity. They must accept the Indian people’s attitude of adapting. If you don’t follow this advice, you might have some bad and unpleasant experiences during your stay in India. Travelers need to ignore inefficiency and slowness in India.

Travel To India

Kita Private Taxi is in New Delhi. Our company offers full assistance to people who want to book a tour with us. Our staff makes necessary arrangements for tours in India and helps you in having a great time seeing the local places. You can also book tours to foreign destinations including Dubai, Vietnam, Bhutan, Europe, Maldives, Africa, Sri Lanka, the US, and other countries.

The people of India are known for their hospitability. They treat visitors and tourists with respect and care. Indians welcome travelers to their land with warmness and a friendly attitude. Kita Private Taxi has the same attitude toward its customers. We offer a helping hand to local travelers and people who want to book a tour to an international destination.

Kita Private Taxi is a big and reputed tour operator with a long experience in offering tour and travel services. We have a specialization in travel in India. Our company offers the best services for inbound tourists who book a tour in regions of India and outbound tourists who travel abroad. Our tour package to the famous Golden Triangle region and the state of Rajasthan is popular among people. Tourists also like to book travel to South India and the hills of the North East. Youngsters and newlywed couples like the Goa Tour to the beaches of Goa. We follow a policy of serving our customers with an open heart and smile on our faces.

We at Kita Private Taxi offer top-quality travel services. We can boast of a huge number of repeat customers who have trusted for booking a tour with us several times after their first tour. Top hotel chains have recognized our services and given us awards multiple times. We have associations with several hotels and leading travel industry organizations.

Kita offers different types of tours and travel packages for the different needs of our people. Custom tours are our specialization. Tourists can book premium tours, honeymoon tours, and tours to foreign countries with us. We offer tours to India for weekends and pilgrimages. If you want to travel on a spiritual tour, you can book a tour to Katra to Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, Shirdi in Maharashtra, or Puri in Odisha. You can book a tour of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Nature lovers can plan a wildlife tour to National Parks in India. You can take your family for a holiday by booking a tour of a bird sanctuary. Schools and colleges can plan an education tour with us. Kita Private Taxi offers a high-quality travel experience for all types of travel and holiday needs.

We try our best to give you special treatment during your travel and make the vacation a memory of a lifetime. Book a tour with us and leave the stress of work behind you for a few days.